Downloading documents from our website will save lots of time with your enrollment process!  
All four transportation documents must be filled out if your child will be transported on our bus to and from school (Woodward Mill and Taylor).   Rocksprings children only need the Bus A​uthorization, and Daycare   Verification forms since we do not transport them.
Medication form must be filled out if you would like us to dispense any prescription medications including eyedrops and creams.  We will only dispense antiobiotics if dosage is required more that twice a day - (morning and night).  We will also administer Tylenol or Motrin for pain with the Medication Authorization.
Our Allergy Action Plan is for any children who have severe allergies or asthma.  We keep this on file along with Epi-pens, rescue inhalers, and Breathing Treatments.
An Infant Care Instruction form must be kept in the classroom for all children under the age of one.  This form lets the teachers know all about your child's schedule - including feeding times, food choices, diaper changing preferences, burping, sleep routine, etc.
All children enrolled at Mill Creek Academy must have a completed Enrollment Form on file.  All areas of the form must be completed included full addresses for work and emergency release contacts.
(All children enrolled at Mill Creek Academy must have an up to date immunization record (form 3231) on file.)
Please download and read our parent handbook to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.